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Studio Etiquette

Pupils and parents are to enter the school QUIETLY and RESPECTFULLY as classes may be in session and the students dancing must not be disturbed.  I suggest you arrive 15 minutes early to change clothes, go the the restroom and warm up.  Gum chewing and eating in class is prohibited.  Cell phones must be turned off when in class.  We are proud of our studio and hope that you will be as comfortable here as we are.  However, we need your help to keep it clean.  Please help by putting magazines back on the tables, hanging up your clothes, cleaning up any trash.  We ask that you ONLY eat and drink in the dressing room and parents' waiting room.  *ONLY WATER IS ALLOWED IN OUR MAIN DANCING ROOM, NO OTHER DRINKS OR FOOD.  If waiting for a pupil, please be courteous and don't let younger siblings run around, screaming or talking too loud as it is very disturbing to the students and teachers in class.  Thank you for your cooperation!


You may withdraw from any or all classes at any time by giving written notice to the office no later than the 15th of the month.  If written notice is not received by the 15th, you are obligated to pay the full month if you are on a monthly plan.   If a class is dropped and the year is paid in full, you automatically lose your discount and are charged the monthly rate and are prorated.

Snow Days:

In the event of severe weather conditions during the winter months, the studio will close when the East China and Algonac Schools are closed.  Our regular scheduled classes throughout the week will not allow time for us to reschedule make up classes.  However, if you do wish to have your child make up the class, they may attend a class in a similar level within one month of the snow day.  There are NO refunds for unattended makeups as the weather is out of our control.  If the roads and conditions do clear up by late afternoon, the studio may be open for classes so call the school later in the day.  A message will be left on the machine to confirm if the studio will be opened or closed (810) 765-3811, and if someone cannot get to the studio to create a message, then please check the website and/or call (810) 278-0506 for confirmation.  Thank you!


Every month, we create a newsletter to keep everybody informed with all of our current information and updates.  This year, we have a new policy, where we encourage everybody to check and read our newsletters on our website. If someone prefers to have a printed version from the studio, please ask Miss Tabatha or Miss Diane and we will be happy to give one to you.  Thank you!

Class Attire 

Ballet:  in keeping with the traditions of classical ballet, girls must wear pink tights, pink ballet slippers and black leotards.  Boys wear a white t shirt, black tights, white socks and white ballet shoes. 
Jazz:  Any color leotard, pink tights or jazz pants and black jazz shoes  Tap:  Any color leotard, pink tights of jazz pants and black tap shoes. 
Hip Hop:  T-shirts and jazz/sweat pants with sneakers designated for the classroom only.  If a dance is not wearing appropriate attire they may be asked to observe the rest of the class.


Ballet:  Girls must wear their hair fastened securely in a bun on the back of the head for all ballet and lyrical classes.  Body alignment is critical in ballet and the instructor must be able to see the line of a students body from the head down.  Boys hair must be neatly combed. 
Jazz and Tap:  Girls may wear their hair in a bin or pony tail and it must be pulled off the neck and face.

Dancewear For Sale 

Dance jackets, tshirts, bags, pants, and almost any other items we can think of, are available with the MC Dance Company logo for purchase.  These items make great gifts for any special holidays, as well as for just because.Each year, we try to have some new items on display in our front lobby for all to view. You may place your order at the front desk with Miss Kathy or Miss Diane,so please stop by and see what's NEW!   


A $30.00 deposit is required on each costume by November 30th.  if you wish to spread your payments out over a period of time, arrangements can be made for that.  The balance is due by March 1st.  Fundraisers will be done to help defray the cost.

Parent Viewing:    

Parents are not allowed in class with a dancer unless it is a Parent Observation Night.  Parents may escort the dancer into the dance room to make sure he/she is comfortable, but once class starts we request that you remain out in the dance corridor or in the lobby.

Conflict Resolution

If for some reason you run into a problem with a teacher or another student in class. Please go to that teacher first to discuss the problem.  If the conflict has not been satisfactorily resolved, then feel free to approach the school owner, Diane Geck.

The Golden Rule: 

Do unto other as Miss Diane does unto you...and that means:  "Be kind, love everybody, dance hard, have faith, never say 'I can't' but say 'I am working at it' , Smile, have patience, encourage others, make new friends, pray, read your bibles, ask for God's help, put Jesus in your heart and have the time of your life. 

Love to all.....Pray for our teachers and our studio