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~In Alphabetical Order~

Baby Ballet

A fun-filled movement class designed to introduce the student (ages 2-4) to dance. Learning focuses on developing creativity, musicality, gross motor skills and the basic elements of dance/choreography. Games, songs, movement exercise and imaginative stories introduce the young dancer to the building blocks of dance. These movement explorations increase body awareness, coordination, and balance all in a creative, fun, and nurturing environment.


Students are taught a ballet syllabus by professionally trained teachers. The syllabus develops technical skills, performance quality and movement vocabulary at each level. Proper alignment, flexibility, and strength are of paramount importance. Students will acquire knowledge of classical ballet technique though the progression of barre and center exercises.


Classes are open for adult students with any or no dance background. Smooth and Rhythm style ballroom dances will be taught in a fun and social environment. You may join as a couple or solo and choose to or not to perform in a recital dance at the end of the season. Ballroom lessons are a great way to get up, get out all while keeping your mind and body moving and learning.


Students interested in competing can join the competition team and compete in the styles of jazz, tap, hip hop, and contemporary. Students will be required to take ballet class and be a part of the team production number. Please contact the studio for more information if you are interested!


A derivative of several disciplines of classical modern dance, a contemporary dance class incorporates the fundamentals of modern dance technique with more current movement vocabulary. Students are provided with a syllabus to enhance their understanding of and proficiency in executing fluid use of the torso, grounded movement, floor work and improvisation. Alignment, flexibility, and strength are of paramount importance as well as developing an understanding of connecting movement to various musical meters. Students are required to take a ballet class to be eligible for contemporary/modern class.

Hip Hop

Students will explore the movement vocabulary and style of hip-hop dance performed with music from the genre. Stylistically diverse in nature, this movement vocabulary will explore body isolations, “pop and lock” and “break” dance in a fun and high-energy environment. All music choices and movement are appropriate for students of all ages.


A dance genre spanning a variety of stylistic traditions from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon to Tyce Diorio and Mandy Moore, jazz technique class pairs with popular music. The student will work through a jazz dance movement vocabulary syllabus with training focused on proper alignment, body isolations, and complex rhythms. Alignment, flexibility, and strength are of paramount importance. Exposure to various techniques of well-known jazz choreographers and musical theatre are incorporated in the progressions of classes in a fun and high-energy environment.

Musical Theater

A unique class for individuals interested in pursuing a musical theater focus. This class teaches basic ballet and jazz dance technique to enhance movement capabilities for theatrical productions. Students will learn and gain confidence in their acting and singing skills as well.


These classes are for students who meet the necessary physical and technical criteria for pointe technique, have a strong history of ballet training, and are enrolled in a ballet class at the studio. Prior to beginning pointe training, students will be evaluated by their teacher for admission into the class and to be placed in the proper level. Pointe classes will train students to execute technically correct classical ballet steps en pointe.

Superhero Training

Martial art and tumbling skills meet athletic conditioning drills for students ages 2 and up. Students will be come superheroes in this class that focuses on Speed! – Strength! – Power! This class is designed to develop a foundation of athleticism for sport and function through drills and activities to develop body awareness & control, strength & coordinated movement all while wearing some superhero uniforms!


Focusing on a variety of rhythmic sounds created with tap shoes, students will begin to develop a basic vocabulary of tap steps that will increase in complexity and style as the student progresses through each level. Students will develop rhythmic skills and intricate footwork while gaining knowledge of musical theatre and tap styles form the 1040’s through current trends of today in a fun and high-energy environment.

Pom, Boys Only, Dance Fitness, and Acrobatic Arts 

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