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"Marine City Dance Company"

In 1972 Diane Geck founded and opened her 1st studio in Detroit MI under the name of "Diane's School of Dance". When  Miss Diane moved to Marine City in 1991, her studio name was changed to "M.C. Dance Co.".

 Our school has been filled with many years of incredible talent beginning with our professional teachers. These teachers have the highest qualifications including Bachelors of fine arts, current dance majors, and AGC certified degrees. Most of our teachers have performed professionally in New York and in well-known dance companies/colleges throughout the United States. This permits each of us to give our students the highest quality of excellence in their filed of dance. The students always enjoy their dance experience, at M.C Dance


The schools philosophy for our students is that we believe and practice self-restraint and instill pure motives in their hearts. As well as being considerate, thoughtful, kind to fellow students, and never to think more of ourselves than others. All while working their hardest to learn and obtain excellence in executing and performing the gifts that God has given us through the art of dance.


Our school not only offers the normal dance techniques such of ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, lyrical, pointe, gymnastics, ballroom, baby ballet/tap and creative movement; but also offers a special class called "Ministry in Motion". This is an interpretive Christian dance class, which performs in Churches, Christian ministry organizations, festivals, and nursing homes (upon request).


Marine City Dance Company is truly in the presence of God every time we rehearse and perform. You will find our establishment to be one of the best dance schools this community offers and with that said we invite you to experience the art of dance with Maine City Dance Company!


Diane Geck